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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quick update!

Hey OLB readersssssszzz!
Assalamualaikum :)

How are you? Had a great weekend ke tak? Hopefully semua enjoy weekend ni bersama dengan yang tersayang ;) Well, nothing much to say, just a quick and simple update about us.

Now, we all dah semester 4. So far, alhamduillah takde lagi kejadian zombie berlaku macam sem lepas, tiap-tiap malam jadi burung hantu berjaga siapkan assignment. HOPEFULLY! This semester the scariest thing will not happen again! *mari Amin ramai-ramai* Doa-doakan ye! Time kace.

OH! FYI, on March haritu we make a reunion. Reunion last minit plan and BAMMMM! all 8 of us including farah babat meet up! Kitorang dating tak jauh mana pun, Plaza Alam Sentral je BUTTTTTTTT ia sungguh bermakna :') We had so much joy and fun laughing, gossiping, and for sure karoke-ing!

Next post, i will update the pictures ok.
1150pm already. Need my beauty sleep.

xoxo, a'ai