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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Need to be stronger

Hai girlfriends ;) At this time at this moment, i tengah menangis. i cry for no reason. If i cakap i cry for no reason pon i bet korang tau jugak sebab apa kan.

How to ged rid this feeling out from my mind hah?! Sumpah i still cant make myself comfortable to be in this situation. Baru semalam i cakap dekat you kan Thia. But actually not because of my friends yang kat sini je. Tapi sebab lain juga. I bet you know what i mean right. And i guess korang (makleb, shasha, mazni, jan, syira, yaya) tau what i mean.

I taught i dah selesa, dah ok untuk ada dalam situation macam ni. BUT STILL i cant. I dont know why. Maybe sebab i pernah ada relationship yang lama sangat. And i tak pernah rasa sorang sorang macam ni.

Day by day i try to be independent, think positive, forget about the past but until now tak boleh juga! I selalu doa supaya i diberikan kekuatan since the day he left me.

Actually i redha, i accept kenyataan yang i tak punya dia dalam hidup i. Mungkin dia bukan yang terbaik untuk i. Tapi kadang kadang tu i akan teringat and akan nangis for no reason. Yeah, maybe its easy for certain people yang akan kata "just forget about the past and start a new life" or "be tough you, you can survive without guys".

Actually SUSAH you tau tak. Susah untuk i jadi i yang dulu balik. Maybe you all semua nampak i macam kuat dapat handle semua ni, but actually im not! I cant handle this kind of thing. I tak sekuat macam apa yang you all semua fikirkan.

I miss the moment bila ada orang kata "hey, i miss you hunn". Bila bangun pagi the first thing yang i dengar, his voice. And absolutely the three magical words, ILY.

But at the same time, i rasa takut untuk kenal dengan 'orang lain'. I takut and i fobia. You all semua mesti tahu kenapa i jadi macam ni right. I think, i should wait and let the love find me. Not im the one who looking for you, LOVE.

I ingat apa yang you all semua pernah pesan kat i. Even susah for me to be that way, i akan try to be stronger. But i need support from you all. I realize that im not alone. i have my girlsfriends!

-you know who write this-

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i miss you all!

dear geng! how i miss you all so muchhhhhhhh!! cant wait to see you guys next semester and bonddddd time together!

hoping for the best in semester 5!

muahhh cup cap ayam!


~a picture of me to JOGJA~

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

to A'ai...

we can't see the love bcoz we only can feel it...such as wind...we can't touch it but we can feel it blow to us...so how will i show u what is LOVE??...........if u say love does't exist hows about love to God, Love to prophet, love to parent, love to family,...love exist anywhere and anytime.. but we just does't realize it.....Make love and feel it, then u can have the happiness!

p/s: A'ai i love soo much!!!..this is LOVE from me to u!!~ spongie~...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

exist or not?

people said that LOVE is exist,
it can make you feel like floating in the air!
do you think?
but if it is really exist where, where is it?
I cant see and dont even feel it.

you people!
if you said that LOVE is in the air,
if you said that LOVE is awesome,
if you said that LOVE is wonderful,

show me the LOVE.
show me the miracle of LOVE.

otherwise i will keep assume that LOVE is not exist!